Simplest & Fastest Hack On How To Remove Stains Out Of Baby Clothes Naturally

How many times have you had to change an outfit after your little one spit up or made a mess? I bet the answer is MANY times.

As a new mother I had a hard time keeping my son clean and dry, especially since infants are so messy. The frequent outfit changes and the piling clothes in the  laundry basket can make motherhood more daunting.

stain removal baby clothes


What I Tried 

I tried stain- removers and baby detergents but they have so many chemicals in them such as Phosphates, Formaldehyde etc, that can cause irritation to a baby's skin and cause eczema and skin rashes. These are not safe alternatives for the sensitive skin that my son had. Knowing how messy my son was I tried numerous baby detergents but ultimately they caused him to have a lot of breakouts.


My Solution

Imagine if you didn't have to launder your clothes and just had to wipe your baby's outfit with a damp wipe to remove the stains. Wouldn't that save you tons of time and effort?

If you have don‚Äôt want to go through any of the hassles of removing stains from baby clothes check our¬†stain resistant baby clothing¬†that helps you keep your clothes stain free and do less laundry ūüėä

Stains are removed instantly without using any chemicals or putting them under water. Just use a wet wipe and wipe away even the most strongest of stains with ease. Don't believe us, see the video below.

We know you have baby detergents and stain-removers but they have a lot of toxic ingredients in it, like we mentioned above. Natural solutions are there but they take time and effort too. You could buy bibs, but if your baby is like mine , who doesn't like them or you are out and can't find the bib when you have gone out or just need it near by, what do you do?  

Some of the natural options that are explored by many mom bloggers are nice for light stains but for heavy stains and spit ups, these alternatives such as sunning the baby clothes, baking soda, white vinegar, lemon essential oil can be found in this article.

No need for DIY laundry detergents or buying expensive baby detergent or hundreds of bibs EVER AGAIN!! Just get our stain-proof baby clothes and you will never see baby clothes in the same way. Our clothes have in built bibs that are amazing for messy babies and toddlers.

stain removal baby clothes
You might ask what is our stain-proof baby clothes made of, are these baby clothes safe for the soft and sensitive skin newborn babies and toddlers have? The answer to that question, is yes. Our clothes comprise of a thin CPSIA certified TPU material which is very soft and breathable with a cotton lining in the front, which makes it stain-proof. The rest of the outfit is made of organic cotton. We don't use any chemicals on our clothes. 
Spend your time cuddling your baby and not worrying about laundry. Our baby clothes have inbuilt bibs. Super soft, comfortable, non toxic and breathable. 
Our baby clothes come with a money back guarantee. If you can't mess off any mess off, we will refund your money back. Free your life from laundry. Give us a try today and experience a life without messes. 

Babies go through many outfit changes every day. You could either buy many outfits and change your baby multiple times a day, or you could buy few clothes and wash them many times a day. Either way is expensive. More clothes cost more money and more laundry costs more money too. Right? Every penny counts when you are a new parent and are trying to optimize your ‚Äúpost-baby‚ÄĚ budget!

I hope you loved all the various suggestions and one of them works for you.

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