How To Save Money After Baby : 6 Tips

Having a baby does not mean the end of your “me time” or super tightening of the purse strings. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can still save money even after having a baby and not cringe every time you spend on things that make you happy.

When our son was born, the essential spends increased despite receiving many essentials as gifts from friends and loved ones. I can hear the “yes me toos”. So, here are a few tips that might help you, new parents, to save some money even while clutching your purses tightly:


1. Cook meals at home

As a new mother, what with diaper changes, breastfeeding, soothing the baby, laundry and the unending chores, your food is definitely not a priority. But healthy and nutritious victualing is absolutely a “must” for you; and of course to keep your hubby from starving 😊.

cooking with baby

Home deliveries or take-aways will make your wallet spring a big leak. So, grab some simple but palatable recipes like pastas-with veggies and pre-cooked meats or simple home crafted tortilla wrap burritos with stuffings of guacamole, pre-cooked meats and sour cream etc. The choices are endless. There are a host of tasty home recipes for quick dining with minimum effort and they should do the trick.


2. Sign up for deals 

This is the first thing I did even before I gave birth. I signed up for many baby boxes and deals which I liked on websites. Amazon and Walmart offer free baby boxes but you need to pay for shipping.

baby clothes sale

Very similar to our online baby clothing store that showcases lots of deals every week but only for our VIP email subscribers.

Take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves!


 3. Buy clothes that grows with your baby

We know babies grow super fast in their first year. But toddlers and babies continue to go through a lot of clothes every few months, since they keep outgrowing their clothes. This is why we, at Snug Bub, have designed baby clothes that grow with your baby from newborn to 1 year. 

baby clothing that grows with baby

Our baby clothes are made of soft 100% organic cotton that feel comfortable on your baby’s skin too. They come with detachable booties and are stretchable, so that even the cutely chunkiest of babies can easily fit into these clothes. Imagine clothes that LAST 3X LONGER &  are super comfortable. 

Our baby clothing has a lot of unisex options and are a perfect gift for new moms and dads as a baby shower present. Not only do these make great hand me down presents but they are great when you are pinching pennies and want some soft and comfortable baby clothes for your baby.


 4. Buy stain resistant baby clothes

Any mother knows that babies spit up a lot and make messes. The countless hours that go into changing outfits or buying numerous outfits so that you don't have to do laundry often, can be very expensive. The average family does 7 loads per week and that is a lot of hours that could be saved if you get our stain-proof baby clothes.They are a must have when you have a baby spitting up often and making messes due to teething, learning to self feed and spitting up.  The stains go off with just the flick of a wipe and there is no need for any bibs or buying expensive baby friendly stain- removers.😲😲 

baby mess while eating

Above all, it cuts down on laundry….which again saves you money and also time!!!    


5. Look for second hand stuff online

Baby Shower pretty much stocks you up. But for those expensive things that you still want, search for them on Facebook Marketplace or other used items marketplaces like Craigslist , Nextdoor etc.

used baby stuff

Of course, avoid getting second hand stuff which will affect the baby’s hygiene. After my son was born I made sure to buy new stuff mostly when it came to clothes but when it came to gear I did get a lot of second hand baby stuff that were not essentials and more of a novelty.


6. Cloth diapering

I know cloth diapering is a lot of work, especially when you are struggling with laundry. But if you buy adequate numbers, you can easily save on buying tons of disposable diapers every month. This saves a lot of money.

cloth diapers for babies

I always made sure to buy at least 8 of them and then keep washing every 2 days. Using cloth diapers also prevents diaper rashes and other issues when it comes to the baby’s sensitive skin. It keeps the $$ safe in your wallet!

I hope you've enjoyed this roundup and hope this article helps you  or your loved one save some $$.

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