5 Essentials To Carry When Travelling With an Infant

Travelling for the holidays as travel restrictions begin to ease? We have been travelling every 3 months ever since my son was a few months old. I was breastfeeding and on top of that, he was suffering from reflux.

Our baby supplies’ bag was full of medicines and a change of clothes for him. A couple of trips later, we realized that we had to travel light without sacrificing the “baby essentials”. So, I thought I would share with you my list of “baby essentials” to pack, when you travel next with an infant:

1. Diapers & Wipes

baby diapers and wipes

You can’t really go anywhere without diapers. If your journey time is 4 hours, cater for a diaper change every 2 hours. So, carry 2 diapers and an extra for a poopy mishap 😊. A pack of wipes is good for a long trip. When flying, we used to stash diapers in our travel stroller and car seat to save on space in the rest of our baggage.

2. Changing pad

changing baby diaper

Not every place will have a clean place to change your baby. Carry a changing pad to do quick diaper changes. Restrooms are full of germs and a changing pad will help you keep your baby clean while providing a soft surface.

3. Formula/ Breast milk Stash

When flying on a plane, remember that access to sterile conditions is close to impossible. Formula needs boiled water and you may not like to use the hot water supplied by any external source.


It is safer and more convenient to carry premixed formula when travelling. It might be a bit more expensive, but it saves a lot of hassle. And, if you are carrying pumped breastmilk, make sure to carry at least 2 ounces for each hour of travel and keep it stored in a cold pack. You may carry your pump. But make sure to let airport security know you are carrying it; if you are travelling by air.

Breastmilk might be subject to security screenings at the airport. Just be careful that they do not contaminate it by asking them to “swab” from the outside.

4. Baby Slings/Carriers

These are life savers when you are travelling by air or have a long journey ahead. Firstly, a sling will keep your hands free. Secondly, they are perfect when you want your baby to fall asleep on a long flight.

mom with baby in airport

The rocking motion of your walking up and down the aisle and the warmth of being close to their grown-up will soothe the baby and they fall asleep much faster!

5. Change of Clothes/ Stain-Proof Clothes 

Babies make a mess when they drool or spit up often. Cold and damp clothes can make your bub feel cranky and irritable.

baby mess while eating

You could either pack a change of clothes for these messes or better still, just make them wear Stain-Proof Baby Clothes - Bibzee, that we have in our store. These clothes are particularly designed to deal with messes and help to keep your baby clean and dry by just a flick of the wipe.

Hope your travelling is made a tad easier with this checklist of things to carry. Happy holidays everyone!

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