5 Tips to Ensure Your Newborn Sleeps Well

As a parent, we all know how much we all are sleep deprived. A baby that doesn’t sleep can bring chaos to our lives and as a mother who has had issues with a baby who never slept.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might help your baby sleep and get you the peace that you need.


The title says it all. Newborns love routine and get them overtired and they will never sleep. I have had the first-hand experience in this domain when my son was overtired and never slept.

baby routine

I can’t emphasize this enough but if you put your newborn to sleep every 2 hours, they won’t be overtired and they will sleep better in the night too. An overtired baby will not sleep well.

Chamomile drink for mommy

If you are breastfeeding, a drink of Chamomile tea will not only help mommy sleep better but the soothing properties of Chamomile will enable babies to sleep better when they drink it through your milk.

chamomile tea for baby

You could give Chamomile tea to your babies but it is not recommended for newborns.

Baking Soda in the bath

Give a bath to your baby with baking soda mixed in it is not only good for their digestion, relieving any discomfort due to rashes but also helps babies sleep.

baking soda in baby bath

This was a remedy I never knew before I heard it in a mommy group but it does work well.

Comfortable clothing and avoid overheating

When babies are sleeping they need clothes that are breathable and that don’t cause them to overheat.

baby clothing

Knitted cotton clothes that are breathable and don’t heat your baby up will lead them to sleep comfortably. Hence when as a mother I was designing clothes I made sure to make clothes for babies that they can sleep in and are breathable. Check, our infant wear clothing line that is 100% cotton and incredibly soft in our Snug Bub store HERE.

Check for soiled diapers & leakages

Babies cry if they are hungry, in discomfort due to gas, soiled diapers or if they are overtired. If you see your baby is crying even after you feed, put them to sleep on time and burped them. Then check for wet clothes or soiled diapers. 

baby diaper change

So mamas try to get some rest and see if these tips work on your bub to help them sleep better. Do let us know what worked for you and what didn't. We hope you get some much-deserved rest. 

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