9 Unique baby shower gift ideas for new moms

So, someone special is having a baby!! And you are wondering what to give to this new mommy-to-be? No sweat! I have been there….in your situation, and I know how bewildered one feels during this decision-making process . To ease your choosing the right gift, and also for pregnant mothers to create their baby registries, I have created this list of options for you:

1. Stain-Proof Baby Clothes:

remove stains from baby clothes

A new mother is constantly grappling with frequent outfit changes for her baby. Babies, while they are too cute, the amount of spit ups and mess they create, keep the new mommy on her toes. Which is precisely why we sell our amazing stain-proof and stain resistant baby clothes. The clothes are clean and dry just with the flick of a wipe. Perfect to ease the stresses of a new life for the new moms especially when new moms have so little time. They are perfect for baby led weaning and babies who are learning to self feed. If you haven’t got these you must try them out. They are also perfect those teething babies and messy toddlers. Gift a new mom the gift of our stain-proof baby clothes today here!

2.  Expandable Baby Clothes:

expandable baby clothes

There are tons of baby clothing options in the market, but what they don’t have are clothes that grow with the baby as they grow. Which is exactly what our clothes do. They are super soft, stretch and made of 100% organic cotton. These last you for a long time so that new mothers do not have to get new baby clothes every few months. You will be surprised how many clothes a baby goes through in the first few years. We save new parents money by reducing the amount of clothes they need to buy. Check our collection of expandable baby clothes.

3.  A Spa Gift For The New Mother:

new mom spa package

True….”Baby Showers” are all about the baby, but rarely anyone thinks about the mommy-to-be. She too needs some mothering since she is the one getting ready for the great event and would be taking care of the baby for the next few years. So, why don’t you give her a giftcard from Spafinder  here

4.  Nursing Pillow:

baby nursing pillow

A nursing pillow is essential if the mother plans to breastfeed; they are super helpful. It helps immensely in obviating back issues and can be used to prop the baby on it for tummy time 😊 This might be a tad voluminous, but it is definitely an essential for a mom! Boppy pillows give you a lot of options here .

5.  Diaper Packs:

diaper packages new mom

While motherhood hits the ground running, your baby hits this world pooping 😊  So, a pack of diapers will be welcome anytime, more so when the journey has just begun and too many things to arrange for the overwhelmed new mommy. Gift her a pack of diapers!! However, remember that diapers might be inexpensive but the usage over the years means lost of $$$. If you do want a new mommy with diapers, do it. It will help her a lot. Some of my recommended brands are here.


6.  Meal Service Gift Card:

new mom meal help

With the arrival of a newborn, the “to-do” list is endless. While some things can be relegated in the order of priorities, food cannot be! Gifting a “Meal Service Gift Card” would definitely make you come through as a thoughtful person. This gift is  perfect after the mom comes home from the hospital and needs someone to mother them and no one is doing the cooking. You could buy a Blue Apron gift card here.


7.  Medicine Sets For Infants:

baby medicine kit

Infants have to be monitored for continued well being 24/7!! A set of meds for infants ( as recommended by a Pediatrician) will be a very helpful gift. However, you may like to check with the new parents if they are amenable to the idea of administering something to their baby which they themselves have not specifically bought!! But it is a great idea all the same. Or you could give some postpartum kits from Frida Mom to the new mom here. Buy one here.


8. Bottles:

baby bottle feeding

I remember being surrounded by bottles of all kinds till a few months after my son arrived. Bottle for storing sterilized water, bottle for storing formula, for this…for that and that. I wish someone had gifted me a set of bottles for all the needs 😊 Why don’t you be that person for your new mommy? My personal recommendation for breastfeeding and gassy babies are the DrBrowns bottles. They have an anti-colic vent system which is clinically proven to reduce colic ; decreases spit-up, burping, and gas. I know these bottles were a god spent for my colicky baby. Make sure to get the correct level nipples for these bottles as a fast or slow flow bottle can make the bottle feeding journey for new moms hard. You can get one here.


9. White Noise Machine:

baby white noise noise

A baby sleeps really well listening to heartbeat of the mother. Invariably the mother too sleeps when the baby does. At least in the first few days or weeks 😊. But then, the responsibilities draw her away in snatches from the sleeping baby. A “White Noise” machine helps keep the baby asleep while the new mommy is not at its side A very thoughtful gift too! My son could never sleep without a White Noise machine since baby are used to all the sounds within your tummy. A good white noise machine can seriously help a lot in keeping your baby sound asleep. This machine will be used till they reach their toddler days. My recommended white noise machine is this.

I hope you liked these gift ideas. Are there any other gift suggestions for new mothers you might like to give? Let us know.


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