Exploring Baby Registries : Amazon Baby Registry Vs Target Baby Registry

Arrival of the baby is one of the biggest days of your life. With that comes the need to buy the long list of “baby care essentials”. From swaddle cloths, burp cloths, diapers, nursing pillows to clothes. The list is quite expansive. “Baby registries” help the new parents to obviate avoidable gift duplications while helping them to save some money!  

In this blog post we will explore the offerings of the two biggest baby registries in the USA. They are the Target Baby Registry & the Amazon Baby Registry. One has a large retail storefront presence, while the other is the largest e-commerce platform.


TARGET Baby Registry

Target baby registry


  • Free welcome kit valued at $120. Target advertises that once you create a baby registry with them, you get free stuff for your baby and the mother worth $120. These come in the form of samples from various brands. I remember trying this when I had my son, and many of the items came in handy. Items such as free samples of nursing pads, pacifiers etc.
  • You get a 15% discount on anything left on the registry, 8 weeks prior to the arrival of the baby! This is a wonderful gesture even toward the “gifters”, as they can also save while gifting!! How cool is that!?!
  • Another benefit of this registry is that, they accept free returns for a year. Which, for the new parents, is amazing. This is such a practical approach in that, you keep what you need and return what you do not! You need not be stuck with unwanted or surplus baby items which would gather dust.
  • What I particularly love about this registry is that it allows you to add items from other websites as well. For instance, you can add our website wherein we sell stain-proof and expandable baby clothes. If you want to reduce the need of bibs and clothes, you can just opt for our amazing stain-proof clothes that grow with your baby and also keeps them clean and dry.



  • Some mothers who have registered with them have complained that their return policy and customer service isn’t really the best. However, this thing may be overlooked, considering their current generous 1 year return policy.
  • Another issue that crops up with the Target baby registry, is their online system. Items can sometimes be out of stock. A remedy to this solution, as suggested by one mom, was to register for their baby essentials in their online system well in advance and then do the return through the nearest Target storefront within the return period! Problem solved!

 Our next review is of the mammoth ecommerce platform Amazon. Considering that Amazon is an online portal, the common perception is that it will serve the “Baby Registry” system better. Here is my review of the registry.


 AMAZON Baby Registry

amazon baby registry


  • It has a larger selection of baby items. Close to 270,000 items in their baby store! This figure is based on their marketing material. Their registry is available on your mobile too. So you can update on the go.
  • Free and Fast shipping over $25. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get free and fast shipping for everything! This definitely makes it attractive to many.
  • Like Target Baby Registry, they also offer the option to add items from other websites. Just like our Stain-Proof Baby Clothes that makes stain removal from baby clothes super easy and quick. Our baby clothes also grow with your baby which is a huge thing when finances and time need to be managed really well.
  • They also have this Amazon Baby Registry “sweepstakes”, which is super cool! Especially when it affords you an opportunity to win lots of free stuff and also to win $2500 worth of goodies in your registry. No purchase is required to participate in this sweepstakes. So is it worth it? Oh yes and yes and yes!!!!!


  • Unlike the Target baby registry, here the items can be returned within 90 days; that is if the registry owner makes a purchase through their registry. Otherwise, the standard return for Amazon, we all know, is 30 days.
  • The discount offered by Amazon Baby Registry is marginally lesser than Target’s registry. Amazon offers a 10% discount for their registry items. However, this is upgraded to 15% for Amazon Prime members. Hence, if you are an Amazon Prime member, the discount is similar to what Target baby registry offers!

 Now that you have the comparisons of both the baby registries, which one will you choose?? In these times when options abound, decision making becomes stressful. Right? But not to worry. My pick would be either of them. However, I personally, would choose Amazon just for their online platform, selection and convenience.

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