Grow With Me Adjustable Baby Clothing For Boys Cactus Patch

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Our Grow-Baby-Grow expandable baby clothing lasts you 3X longer so that you can provide your baby with clothes they’ll love to wear, that can be used from the time you bring them home, up to their first birthday. Click here for the size chart.

 How it works 

  • The detachable booties are used to adjust the length of the jumpsuit legs which have 2 sets of snaps.
  • As the baby grows, you can move the booties from the upper snaps to the bottom snaps.
  • We have a video to show how our product lines work here. Comes with an adorable Cactus patch.
  • Because we use 100% organic knit cotton, the material stretches more than the regular baby jumpsuits to even adjust to bigger babies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amanda Shaw
Super cute!

Great purchase! I highly recommend this jumpsuit. Love the concept.

Sara Henderson
Love the jumpsuit!

I just bought this jumpsuit and it is so soft and warm. My son is a bit on the chunky side and love that the material stretches. Great purchase!