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Welcome to our team!


Your Brand Ambassador discount code of 20% is WELCOME2020

 Use the discount code of 20% off to make your first purchase. Once that is done, we will collect details like your social media accounts and your PayPal email so that we can pay your commissions. 



Share your exclusive discount : The best way is to get started is to share your discount code and affiliate link with friends and family so you can reach 3 orders and earn your first free items.
Post about us on your social media : Use images from our website to create your own posts about our store,products, sales, etc on social media.
Share photos of our products we send : Share photos of products or videos of them - we love to seeing content created by you.

    We're so excited to use this program as a way to collaborate with our customers and hope you join the program. We love supporting moms and hope you do the same by supporting a mommy owned business.


    Mom Tested & Approved
    Free Domestic Shipping Over $50
    30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    Non- Toxic, Breathable & Baby Safe