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Snug Bub was started by Tia, a Sacramento based mommy and her son Nihar was the inspiration behind creating the expandable and stain-proof product line. For the first year of her life she spent countless hours doing laundry to keep Nihar clean and dry and saw conventional clothes in the market didn't do anything to help.

When she saw that all the baby clothes that are sold in the market are just for few months and how much money goes into buying clothes that babies outgrow every few months she thought it was time someone did something about it. 

Our innovative clothing options are made of organic cotton, don't break the bank and are not only soft and skin-friendly but also good for the environment. How is it good for the environment, you may ask? When clothes are made to last and used again it builds an ecosystem of less wastage, which in turn is good for our environment.

Our mission is to create a business that gives back to the community while it grows.