Dumper Truck Blue Stain- Proof Baby Clothes For Boys

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Imagine instead of having you change and wash their clothes after every messy accident, our mess proof baby romper lets you wipe up any mess on our pajamas’ torso, making them look good as new!  Comes with adorable Dumper Truck embroidered patch.

How It Works

  • We’ve made our jumpsuits stain-proof by covering the torso with our stain-proof material, which makes it possible for you to quickly and easily wipe up any messes with a napkin or towel.
  • We’ve also made sure our stain-proof jumpsuits are  safe for infant and breathable.  We guarantee no chemicals are used on our baby clothes.
  • Super easy to clean, durable and easy to launder. Just use a damp napkin and towel to clean any mess and keep your baby clean and dry.