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Stain-Proof/ Mess Proof Toddler Printed Floral Dress ( 2 - 4 Years)

$25.99 USD

Do you struggle with keeping your toddler's clothes clean after their meals?Does your little one often drool or spit-up on their clothes, causing you to change them and wash their clothes constantly?

 At Snug Bub, we know that being the parent of a toddler can be exhausting when it comes to keeping your little one and their clothes clean. Sometimes they drool or create a mess on their clothes while eating or playing. But, instead of having you change and wash their clothes after every messy accident, our mess proof baby dress lets you wipe up any mess on our dress’s torso, making them look good as new! Available in 2 to 4 years size.

We’ve made this possible by covering the torso of our waterproof baby clothing in TPU lamination material, which makes it possible for you to quickly and easily wipe up any messes with a napkin or towel. We’ve also made sure that the TPU lamination material used on our  baby frocks is CPSIA certified safe.

To ensure that your baby remains comfy and calm while wearing our waterproof dress, we’ve used only the softest and most durable organic cotton with absolutely no chemicals or irritants so that our baby dress feels super soft and breathable against your toddler’s skin.

Keep your little one clean and comfortable with our Bibzee Waterproof dress, today!



The Stain-Proof/ Mess Proof Toddler Printed Floral Dress ( 2 - 4 Years) is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 25, 2020