2 Piece Set Stain-Proof & Grow With Me Adjustable Baby Clothes For Girls

2 Piece Set Stain-Proof & Expandable Baby Infant Jumpsuits - Snug Bub USA

2 Piece Set Stain-Proof & Grow With Me Adjustable Baby Clothes For Girls

This set comprises of :

1 piece stain-proof jumpsuit:

  • Made of stain-proof cotton in the front, the arms, back and the booties is made of 100% knit organic cotton.
  • No need for bibs, wipe all messes off with a flick of the wipe.This comes in sizes of 3 to 6 or 0 to 3 months. 
  • Comes with Fox and Reindeer embroidered patches.

1 piece expandable jumpsuit:

  • Made of 100% knit organic cotton and grows with your baby from newborn to 1 year.
  • It has 2 sets of snaps that adjusts the length of the jumpsuit to make it short/ long. You can also fold the sleeves to make it shorter. 




I LOVE the super cute design and the way that it looks and fits on my baby. The mermaids are so cute and the colors pair very well. He looks absolutely adorable in it and I love that it is stain proof because he is definitely a messy eater.

Rosalie R

I didn't believe it when I read that it is stain-proof but I love that my daughter can wear it during meal times and I can just wipe it off and she is clean. Amazing product.


I liked the concept before I bought this cute jumpsuit for my grand daughter. It is so soft and comfy. My daughter says that it wipes of any mess too. I am very happy with my purchase.


I just had a boy and bought this jumpsuit while I was pregnant. Boy am I glad to buy this. My little boy would spit up a lot and these are a time and life savior.


If you don't buy this jumpsuit you are missing out. It is a game changer for sure. Super cute and amazing for a messy baby. I bought it for my son and didn't think the quality would be this good.


I love that it is a single piece romper and the chest is wipe-able. Very easy to clean and the fabric is amazingly soft. I highly recommend it for mommies with toddlers.


I know as parents I know we strive to provide nothing but the best for our babies and that’s why I love this brand/company!Their quality is immaculate. The stitching and buttons are high quality and the fabric is thick and definitely not cheap! I wish I would’ve tried them out sooner! You won’t regret a purchase with Snug Bub I promise!

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